Salem Press digital content of titles in our print collection

An addition to our ebooks@cambridge collection: Salem Literature Database


Salem Press is now providing unlimited concurrent access to digital copies of all the print versions of titles held in the University Library’s collection.

Salem Press platformThe home page for the database offers three options  under the heading ‘Reference set(s) currently available’. By clicking on the ‘+’ box beside the set title you will see a drop down list of our subscribed content.

We currently have over 30 titles available to view. With more to be added in the near future.

Titles currently available include:

When new titles are added they will appear in the list on the left hand side of the database website. To access the website please click here.

Salem saved searchNeither complete books nor chapters can be downloaded, but, if you sign up for a personal user account, you can save chapters/articles, citations and searches to your online account.

For the account you just need to enter your name and email address. Once you have verified your account from your email account you can log in via our link to the University of Cambridge ‘Family’ account.

Titles on Salem Literature are available on and off campus (with Raven authentication). You can search for these titles in LibrarySearch.

Oxford Handbooks Online

New Oxford Handbooks Online access.


The Oxford Handbooks series brings together the world’s leading scholars to write articles that survey the current state of scholarship in their field. The articles review the key issues, reveal original arguments and concepts, and set the agenda for new research.

The collection will be searchable in LibrarySearch from early August and will be available to view on and off campus. Off campus access will be via Raven login.

OHO example

When you search on the Oxford Handbooks Online website look out for the padlock symbols on restricted content (click on the image to get a better look). You can limit your search to owned content by selecting the ‘show full text results only’ from the availability box on the left hand side of the search results screen.

Our access includes handbooks and articles in Archaeology (2012 and 2013 collections), History (foundation and 2013 collections), Linguistics (foundation and 2013 collections), Music (foundation collection), Philosophy (foundation and 2013 collections), Political Science (foundation collection), and Psychology (foundation, 2012, 2013 and 2014 collections).

A full list of titles in the Oxford Handbooks Online collections can be found here. Please remember to check the title you need is included in one of the collections listed above.

bookmarkletThe links in the Oxford Handbooks Online collections list do not include our off campus link. You can use the ‘reload URL for off campus access’ bookmarklet, from the Library Toolbox to gain off campus access to any of the URLs listed.

Please feel to contact the ebooks@cambridge team with any comments, questions or feedback:

Cambridge wireless network extends to public spaces

Originally posted on Chemistry Library blog:


The University Wi-Fi network has been extended to the city’s public spaces, allowing online access just in time for the Tour de France in Cambridge next week.

High-speed Internet access points have been placed on Parker’s Piece and along central streets. If you already use eduroam or Lapwing you should automatically connect to the network. Members of the public will also be able to use the internet while out and about thanks to a free public Wi-FI pilot scheme.

To find out more and to see a map showing the areas where academics, students and staff can now access eduroam and Lapwing please visit the University Information Services website:

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Routledge gives free access to 6,000 eBooks until end of June 2014

Originally posted on SPS Library Blog:

Routledge have just finished digitising 15,000 books and to celebrate are giving free access to 6,000 eBooks until the end of June. You can browse the complete list of titles in Routledge’s e-catalog by clicking here.

The collection includes lots of works relating to Politics and International RelationsPhilosophy and Cultural Studies; and International Organisations.

Among the texts you will find Managing instability in Algeria (MPhil Politics & International Relations);  From Max Weber: Essays in Sociology (HSPS Soc 1); and Islam, Democracy and the State in Algeria (Part II Pol 7).

Cosmopolitan Government in EuropeHurry though, as free access finishes at the end of June!

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Early European Books Collections 3 and 4

Originally posted on ejournals@cambridge:

The University Library is delighted to announce that the JISC has negotiated with ProQuest to make available to UK HE institutions collections 1-4 of the Early European Books resource.   This extends the access for Cambridge to include collections 3 and 4.

Collection 3 is substantially larger than the previous collections, containing 3 million pages in total, from more than 10,000 volumes scanned at four different libraries. It encompasses works in all major European languages, printed in the cities which led the explosion of the print industry in the early modern era, such as Nuremberg, Basel, Leiden, Paris and Venice. This breadth of scope gives a wide-ranging overview of the intellectual life and historical upheavals of early modern Europe. The collection contains the founding works of modern sciences such as botany, anatomy and astrology, together with accounts of travel, exploration and warfare, and influential works of literature, philosophy and humanist thought…

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Oxford bibliographies online: Classics

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Adding to Oxford bibliographies online in Anthropology, Atlantic history, British & Irish literature, Criminology, Film and media studies, International relations, Medieval studies, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology, the University of Cambridge now has access to the Oxford bibliography online in Classics.

“The study of the ancient world is a cornerstone of Western scholarship. It possesses a long history with a rich, well-established critical literature, and it is also a highly active field, which constantly produces new discoveries, interpretations, and theories. In addition to a vast body of scholarship, Classical Studies has been quick to move online so that today’s students and researchers have ready access to key primary source texts and a range of electronic resources. Oxford Bibliographies in Classics provides students and scholars with a reliable and authoritative solution to the problem of information overload in all media.” – OUP…

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Oxford bibliographies online: Chinese studies

Originally posted on ejournals@cambridge:

New for eresources@cambridge: Oxford bibliographies online in Chinese studies.

Oxford Bibliographies in Chinese Studies is a multi- and inter-disciplinary enterprise covering the study of China across all disciplines. It developed mainly from two sources. First, a long-standing tradition of Sinology, still strong in Europe, has used philological and literary tools to study mainly the humanities and pre-modern China. Second, from the Second World War, an “area studies” approach – initially closely linked to US foreign policy needs and remaining predominant in the US, Canada and Australia – has focused on modern China using interdisciplinary (mainly social science) methods. More recently, China’s rapid growth has led to the rapid expansion of the field, while scholars originally from the PRC have led a trend to identify primarily with a discipline rather than an area.

Many China scholars still feel, however, that scholarship on China has had too little influence on the…

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Complete collection of Wiley ‘o’books now available!

Wiley Online Library banner

The University Library have arranged a pilot which opens up full-text access to the complete Wiley ‘o’ books collection, currently comprising almost 15,000 monograph titles, hosted on Wiley Online Library. The ‘o’books are immediately available from here.

This collection includes all Wiley monographs published in all available subject areas across all publication years. Subjects covered include Agriculture, Chemistry, Earth Space & Environmental Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences & Engineering, Social & Behavioural Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine. This collection will grow as new titles are published.

The catalogue records for these Wiley titles are loaded into LibrarySearch and Cambridge librarians can identify them as they are tagged Wiley EBA trial. Wiley ebooks are available both on and off-campus (using a Raven login).

Available titles are indicated with a golden unlocked padlock icon as illustrated in the following screenshot.

Wiley screenshot

You may browse for titles alphabetically, by subject, or search for a known title, and you can filter your search by publication type. Wiley Online Library allows users to select and read chapters online, or print or save them as PDFs. There is unlimited concurrent access.

Please note that Wiley etextbooks are not included in this collection.

The access will continue until the 30th April 2015 in the first instance. This is a usage based purchase model which means at the end of this period it is likely that the most popular titles in the collection will be retained.

The ebooks@cambridge team and the University Library are keen to know what you think about this Wiley ‘o’books collection, please send any comments or questions to

Elsevier Medical ETextbooks are now downloadable!

Are you a medic?

Did you know that the 12 titles we own on Elsevier ETextbooks are now downloadable?

From the Elsevier ETextbooks Bookshelf you can see that the download option is now available under online reading:


Each title can be downloaded for 48 hours, using the iPublishCentral Reader:elsevier4

Click here for more detailed instructions about downloading this. If you have any problems don’t hesitate to email us on

Also, don’t forget which titles we have…

  • Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine, 21st Edition
  • Essential Surgery, 4th Edition
  • Gray’s Anatomy for Students, 2nd Edition
  • Illustrated Textbook of Paediatrics, 4th Edition
  • Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine, 8th Edition
  • Macleod’s Clinical Examination, 13th Edition
  • Mims’ Medical Microbiology, 5th Edition
  • Rang & Dale’s Pharmacology, 7th Edition
  • Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease, 8th Edition
  • Textbook of Medical Physiology, 12th Edition
  • Underwood’s Pathology, 6th Edition
  • Wheater’s Basic Pathology, 5th Edition

davidson        Grays         rang

Oxford Law ebooks are now available!

OSO LawThe ebooks team are pleased to announce that the Squire Law Library has subscribed to the following collections which we hope will prove useful for Cambridge Law students. The subscription will end on the 31st August 2014 when the popularity of these collections will be reviewed.

Oxford Scholarship Online

The complete Law ebook collection is now available on this platform. Cambridge University members have unlimited access to the full content of 993 ebooks.

University Press Scholarship Online

Chicago Scholarship Online Law collection (51 titles)

Stanford Scholarship Online Law collection (29 titles)

Cambridge users can access all of this content both on and off campus (with a Raven login). You may download, print and copy & paste chapters onto a PC, laptop or mobile device.

Please note that unowned content is also available to preview on these platforms, if a title has padlock next to it then you cannot access the full text.

Catalogue records will be added to LibrarySearch as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or comments about the Oxford Law collections, please email the ebooks team on

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