The LibrarySearch factor

Yes this is the golden ruleThere is a golden rule when searching for ebooks purchased for University of Cambridge staff and students, ALWAYS use the LibrarySearch catalogue.  This is REALLY important!

But why you cry? Why can’t we use Newton?

Well, you will find ebooks in Newton, but you will not find any ebooks added to the collection after July 2011. This is because all those ebooks have been loaded into an e-resources database, known as the ‘ERDB‘.

The ERDB was created to allow Cambridge University library staff timely access to brand new ebook orders created by the ebooks@cambridge team, there is a read only view, a link to which is available on the ebooks web pages for librarians.

New ebooks added to the ERDB are reflected in LibrarySearch from around noon the following day, following a re-indexing process which automatically happens overnight.

Because new ebook catalogue records are loaded into the ERDB and are searchable in LibrarySearch very soon afterwards, this removes the previous time consuming need to load ebooks into all 7 Newton databases.

For those libraries not using the Voyager library system, new ebook records are regularly archived by Rhiannon and made available for those libraries to load into their own library systems.

For those who prefer to refine LibrarySearch by location, your search results should show all available ebooks, alongside the printed resources relevant to that site.

iconTo help find ebooks when scrolling through a LibrarySearch results list, look for the golden ebook icon next to the record. Students and staff can access the full text by clicking on the link next to Online which they can find near the top or at the very bottom of the ebook record. They will need to use their Raven logins if they are off-campus or for Dawsonera ebooks from anywhere.

So to ensure students and staff are finding all the ebooks on their reading lists, please direct them to LibrarySearch.

Flying books

Enabling students to find available ebooks is crucial, it allows them extra choice and increased access to the books they need, when they need them.

Want ebooks, think LibrarySearch! 



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