Going mobile again – ebooks drop-in sessions

Catherine Reid, Jayne Kelly and Rhiannon Taylor are going mobile again this term and will be holding informal drop-in sessions on finding, accessing and downloading ebooks. These events are aimed at students, academics and librarians across the University.

If you want to know more about how to find the ebooks we have in our collection, or want to download an ebook onto an iPad, Smartphone or e-reader, why not come along and ask us your questions?

There will be a chance to see downloading to mobile devices in action, and please bring your own mobile devices with you. Wifi will be available.

Come along to the UL North Reading Room between 11am and 12pm on Tuesday the 22nd January. If you can’t make this date, we will be holding further sessions in Psychology (7th February) and Law (date tbc) – more details to follow.

Feel free to use this poster and flyers to advertise the event in your libraries:

ebooks drop-in session Jan 2013

See you there!



3 thoughts on “Going mobile again – ebooks drop-in sessions

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for your suggestion. At the moment videoing these sort of informal drop-in events is probably not viable, if it’s busy there will be at least 3 of us there answering questions at the same time so unless we were to concentrate on just one “trainer” the video wouldn’t be overly useful. Also hiring/operating the equipment would be a cost issue.
    The ebooks@cambridge team are planning on holding more of these events during lunchtimes, the next one is on the 7th February in the Psychology Library and we also hope to hold one in the Law Faculty, date tbc. There will very likely be more sessions organised later in the year, if there’s demand. I hope this helps.

  2. Any chance of you videoing the event and uploading it to the intranet for those of us who are interested but can’t make the dates?

  3. To clarify, the North Reading Room in the UL is one of the newly refurbished areas off the old Catalogue Hall. It now houses catalogue terminals, group working spaces and 2 bookable display screens for our users.

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