Manchester Medieval Sources Online – free trial

MMSO base bigTrial access is now available to a collection of 25 ebooks on the Manchester Medieval Sources Online platform.

Trial ends Saturday 30 November 2013.

Do you think this series is useful to have as an online resource, or could the platform be improved in any way? If so please send feedback to Linda Washington in the Seeley Library at, or email the ebooks team at

From the Black Death to the Norman invasion, Manchester Medieval Sources gives History students the opportunity to study medieval life through first hand accounts, some of which have been translated into English for the first time. The series is unique in providing extensive introductory and explanatory material alongside the sources to enable students to understand the various interpretations the sources have had.

Series editors are Rosemary Horrox (University of Cambridge) and Simon MacLean (University of St Andrews).

All available titles are indicated by a small green box. PDFs can be read online or downloaded chapter by chapter.

Trial access is from on-campus only and you won’t be able to find these ebooks in LibrarySearch, so please use the following link for access:

Remember to let us know what you think.

black deathPhoto credit: ell brown on Flickr

Plaque on Vaughan’s Restaurant, Custom House Quay, Weymouth



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