BrillOnline Primary Sources platform


Brill (with Semantico) have launched BrillOnline Primary Sources. This new platform consists of thematic collections of unique materials such as rare books and documents from around the world.  Collections subscribed by the University of Cambridge on the new platform are:

Early Russian Cinema

Mass media in Russia Online

Screen and stage

Soviet cinema

Primary Sources offers access to over six million high resolution scans of documents, research data, models, illustrative images and associated metadata in over 70 collections in 9 different subject areas. Scholars are offered access to Brill’s primary source collections in an attractive and easy to use online environment.

Semantico built the site using their latest technologies. Scolaris, the next generation integrated content platform, is engineered to manage the complexities of journals, reference works and dictionaries. Scolaris promotes discoverability by providing intelligent, full-text search powered by Solr and allows rich taxonomy support for faceted search and browse…

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Early Western Korans Online


New resource on BrillOnline : Early Western Korans online

This collection contains all Arabic Koran editions printed in Europe before 1850, as well as all complete translations directly from the Arabic (until about 1860).  Among the secondary translations, only those into German and Dutch are offered completely.  Of the partial editions, only the typographically or academically most interesting ones are presented here.  This collection includes Korans and Koran translations in eight languages.  It is of interest to orientalists, theologians, philologists and book historians alike.

Access Early Western Korans online

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Literature Online (LION) has a new platform


New interface for Literature Online (LION)

A brand new state-of-the-art interface for the ever-popular Literature Online (LION) resource is now available via the eresources@cambridge A-Z. 

The new Literature Online (LION) features all the existing content – the more than 350,000 works of poetry, prose and drama, the ever-growing full-text journal collection, the vast library of reference resources such as biographies, encyclopedias and companions, and the exclusive audio and video offerings – as well as the bespoke and specialist search features and functionalities.

The advanced functionality and in-demand content has been paired with a modern search interface which is more intuitive and straightforward to use and navigate. Literature Online (LION) is now fully mobile-compatible, meaning you can use it on tablets or smartphones, wherever and whenever you need it.

One important change is regarding the My Archive feature of Literature Online (LION); an area of the service which allows you…

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Digital Dictionary of American Regional English


New trial access : Digital Dictionary of American Regional English

Access is now available until 28 February 2014 to the Digital Dictionary of American Regional English a multi-volume reference work that documents words, phrases, and pronunciations that vary from one place to another place across the United States.

Access the trial at this link.

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Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics Online


Trial access : Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics Online

Detail of the Berlin papyrus 9875 showing the 5th column of Timotheus' Persae, with a coronis symbol to mark the end.

Trial access is provided until 11 February 2014 to the Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics (EAGLL), a unique work that brings together the latest research from across a range of disciplines which contribute to our knowledge of Ancient Greek. It is an indispensable research tool for scholars and students of Greek, of linguistics, and of other Indo-European languages, as well as of Biblical literature. The EAGLL offers a systematic and comprehensive treatment of all aspects of the history and study of Ancient Greek, comprising detailed descriptions of the language from Proto-Greek to koine.  It addresses linguistic aspects from several perspectives including history, structure, individual singularities, biographical references, dialectics, translation practices, generic issues, Greek in relation to other languages, etc., and on all levels of analysis including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicon, semantics, stylistics, etc. It also includes…

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Trial access is now available from 20 January up to 31 March 2014 to the Knovel Engineering Reference solution.  Knovel integrates technical information with analytical and search tools specifically focused on the engineering community.

Knovel is an online technical reference resource that can be used to locate potentially relevant answers in a collection, and discover interactive tables and graphs to help you use and export relevant data.   Visit this page for more detailed explanation of the Knovel resource.

Access the Knovel trial via this link.

Please send feedback on the trial to :

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Chemistry Drop-in Session

Start the new year by solving all your ebook worries!

Date: Wednesday 29th January

Time: 1pm – 2pm (pop in whenever you like)

Venue: Cybercafé, Department of Chemistry

Chemistrydropin   ChemistryLibrary

Got any questions about using ebooks? Come along and talk to the ebooks@cambridge team, who will be available in this informal session to answer any queries. We can show you how to find, access and download titles, and look into any problems you may be having.

Feel free to bring along your tablet, mobile, or e-reader – there will be Wi-fi available. We will also have a range of devices available for you to try. For more information see this poster created by the Chemistry library team.

If you are not sure where to go, go to the Department Reception and you will be directed from there.

Translated Texts for Historians book series – free trial

University of Cambridge members can now access the Translated Texts for Historians E-Library until Friday 7th March.

This is a 54-volume digital library with over 14,000 pages of translated historical sources from A.D. 300–800. Examples of the content include the political letters and speeches of Ambrose of Milan to Zachariah of Mytilene’s Chronicle.

Books can be read online by going to the E-Library and clicking on the titles…


… and then the book cover which says ‘Look Inside’


Note that during the trial we do not have the ability to download the PDF.

You may find it easier to read the title if you click to FullscreenTTfH

Access is available both on and off campus. If you are off campus you will need to log in using Raven:

1. Go to the Translated Texts for Historians E-Library

2. Click on ‘Institutional Login’ on the right hand side of the page:

InstLoginTTfH3. Select the country (United Kingdom) and institution (University of Cambridge) – note that if you tick ‘Remember my selections’ you won’t have to do this each time you access the content.

4. Click ‘Log in’, and then enter your Raven details as usual.

If you think this online collection is valuable and useful for your studies please send your comments to the ebooks@cambridge team on If you don’t like the platform or find it difficult to use, please contact us to tell us why.

English Historical Documents online – free trial

EHD iconUniversity of Cambridge users can now access Routledge’s English Historical Documents (EHD) online for a trial period. Launched in November 2013, this online resource contains over 5,500 indexed and fully searchable key primary documents on British History from 12 volumes, spanning over 1400 years. The collection includes the out of print American Colonial Documents to 1776, edited by Merrill Jensen, and Dorothy Whitelock’s Volume 1, 500 – 1042, critical for those studying Anglo-Saxon literature and history.

Content can be explored by subject, date, people and places. Users can create their own personalised login where they may highlight and annotate documents, bookmark entries, save and manage searches. Documents can be opened as PDFs and printed, downloaded, shared, and cited.

Anglo Saxon chronicleAccess to this trial is available on campus and from off campus from this link. You will need to login with a Raven username and password when away from Cambridge, then click on shibboleth to take you into the full-text content.

Trial access will end on Monday the 17th February. If you think this online collection is valuable and useful for your studies please send your comments to the ebooks@cambridge team on If you don’t like the platform or find it difficult to use, please contact us to tell us why.