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The ebooks team is pleased to announce that Taylor & Francis have opened up free access for University of Cambridge users to Routledge’s History Online, you can access the platform from here and it will be available until February 2015.

History Online is a collection of Routledge’s encyclopaedias, dictionaries, companions and handbooks in history, including Gallagher’s The American Civil War, Kibler’s Medieval France, and Essential Histories such as The Greek and Persian Wars and Byzantium at War. This collection will increase as more titles are added.

There is unlimited concurrent access, both on and off campus (with a Raven login) and you can cross-reference between titles. MARC records will be added to LibrarySearch as soon as possible. african history

Please let us know what you think of the content and usability of this collection, it will help us to review it at the end of the free access period. You can email the ebooks team at

Please note: there is a known issue with some of the hyperlinks in this resource and you may find that some links lead nowhere. The publisher has been informed and they have told us that there are some inherent flaws in the design and functionality of the platform which at the moment cannot be resolved.

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We’ve been looking at our usage statistics…

…and here is the overview for 2013…

With nearly 1.5 million hits on our ebook collections usage is up by almost 40% on 2012.

This year May, October and November were the busiest months for ebooks usage…


The most used titles were in the subjects Education, Medicine, Business and Law.

The top ten titles were…

Top 10 titles

And now it’s well into 2014, why not check out some of our newly purchased titles…

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Ben Jonson Online


New e-resource : Ben Jonson Online

Cambridge University Library is pleased to announce access is now available to the new online edition of the Cambridge Works of Ben Jonson – “Ben Jonson Online“.

The edition “presents Jonson’s complete writings for readers of the twenty-first century, in the light of current editorial thinking and recent scholarly interpretation and discovery. It offers a clear sense, afforded by no other previous edition, of the shape, scale, and variety of the entire Jonsonian canon. At the same time, it is the first edition to use digital technology to give a dynamic insight into Jonson’s processes of composition and to reveal the editorial choices which underpin the modernized text.”

The general editor, Martin Butler comments “In his own time Jonson was deeply engaged with what the new print technology meant for the presentation of his works, I like to think that today he’d…

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The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology

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The University Library is pleased to announce that The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology online is now available for Cambridge University users. “It is an essential reference resource for scholars of global hymnody, with information on the hymns of many countries and languages, and a strong emphasis on the historical as well as the contemporary.”

This e-resource replaces the printed Dictionary of Hymnology produced by John Julian in 1892 and contains over 4000 entries from over 300 authors from over 30 countries, writing on hymns of the Judaeo-Christian tradition. Any updates will be immediately available as part of the subscription which will be due for review in March 2015.

You can access the dictionary from here, from the eresources A-Z list, and you can search for and link from the catalogue record in LibrarySearch. A link will also be added to the ebooks collection web page.

There is unlimited concurrent access, both on and off campus (with a Raven login) and you can copy & paste articles if you want to print or save them.

If you have any questions please email the ebooks team on

Chill with the Brill… 2014 Humanities & Social Sciences ebooks now available

Brill bannerThe University Library is pleased to announce that University of Cambridge users can now access Brill Online’s 2014 published ebook titles across the following 8 Humanities & Social Sciences subjects. This collection will increase as new titles are published throughout the year.

Asian Studies

Biblical Studies, Ancient Near East & Early Christianity

Classical Studies

European History & Culture

Language & Linguistics

Middle East & Islamic Studies

Religious Studies, Theology & Philosophy

Social Sciences

These titles are available with unlimited concurrency and can be accessed both on campus and if you are away from Cambridge (with a Raven login). MARC records will be loaded into LibrarySearch as soon as possible and there will be monthly updates.

If you click on the ebooks tab tab you can sort Brill’s ebooks by Title A-Z or Newest Titles First, and filter them by subject. Owned content is marked with a owned icon icon and open access content with a oa icon icon.

read onlineYou can open whole books or chapters which display as pop ups in your browser, and by right-clicking you can search in these or print. By clicking on Open in New Window at the top of the pop-up, the document will open as a PDF file which you can print, save or convert to a different format. You can download these PDFs to e-readers, including Kindles.

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You can also access the Brill Online platform from the ebooks@cambirdge collections web page, along with hints and tips.

If you have any questions or comments about Brill ebooks please contact the ebooks team on

English Historical Documents

EHD bannerFollowing the recent trial, the ebooks team are pleased to announce that the University Library has acquired Routledge’s English Historical Documents complete collection online on permanent access.

You can link to the collection from here and it is available both on and off campus (with a Raven login).

Catalogue records will be added to LibrarySearch as soon as possible.

The EHD is a key History resource that fulfils both teaching and research needs.  EHD comprises a collection of over 5,500 rare primary source documents in British history (500 AD to 1914).  It also includes American Colonial Documents to 1776.  Previously EHD existed in print volumes that have now been converted to an online resource, with value added from full text searching and indexing and classification by the Institute of Historical Research using the historical thesaurus developed by the Royal Historical Society for its Bibliography of British and Irish History (also available for University of Cambridge users).  The content includes “treaties, statutes, declarations, government and cabinet proceedings, military dispatches, orders, acts, sermons, newspaper articles, pamphlets, personal and official letters, and diaries. Each section of documents and many of the documents themselves are accompanied by editorial commentary. The sources cover a wide spectrum of topics, from political and constitutional issues to social, economic, religious as well as cultural history.”

ebooks@cambridge meeting for librarians 2014

Divinity School

Divinity School, St John’s College (across the road from the Porters Lodge)

Calling all Cambridge University & College librarians!

Save the date Monday 28th April 2014 as the ebooks Advisory Group are organising a meeting for you!

This event will be relevant for all librarians, whether you work in a Faculty, Department, College or the UL. We’ve got a great venue, an expert guest speaker lined up for you, and the ebooks team have been very busy in the last year so there is plenty to discuss.

Date: Monday 28th April

Time: tea, coffee & biscuits in the foyer from 10.30am for an 11am start

Venue: Divinity School, St John’s College (All Saint’s Passage entrance) – building no. 30 on this map of St John’s

Guest speaker: Andy Alferovs, President of Kortext

Come along to hear a short update from the ebooks@cambridge team, followed by a Q&A session which will give you the chance to ask us questions and give us feedback on how the ebooks service is working for you.

Andy will then talk about etextbooks and how their new business models are evolving within the higher education marketplace. He will discuss etextbook formats and interactivity and how they are used to provide personalised teaching and learning support in an increasing number of UK universities. What are the gains, the drawbacks and the costs? How could etextbooks work effectively for Faculties, Departments or Colleges in the University of Cambridge? How do academic libraries fit into this business model, or don’t we?

Kortext imageAndy previously worked as Vice President Sales for Coutts Ingrams before launching his new business venture Kortext in September 2012. Kortext is a ‘digital textbook platform providing content, access and purchasing solutions for academics, institutions, publishers, retailers and students.’

Could you please fill in this doodle poll by if you are intending to come to the meeting, this will give us a rough idea of numbers for teas & coffees, thank you.

Lecture theatre Divinity School

Main Lecture Theatre, Divinity School

Thank you to Janet Chow & St John’s College for providing the venue & refreshments.

Trial access to IET ebooks

IET bannerIf you’re studying, researching or teaching Engineering or Technology at Cambridge University you may be interested to explore the IET Digital Library platform where trial access is available to IET ebooks Ultimate Collection 1979 – 2013. Access both on and off campus is available, but the titles are not searchable in LibrarySearch so please access directly from the publisher’s platform here.

The ebooks included in this trial are recognizable by  subscribed icon and with these titles you can read, copy, print and download chapter level PDFs or complete book PDFs. You may also spot free content which is indicated with a free content symbol. For those ebooks not included in the trial you can browse the table of contents and chapter/abstract pages.

Trial access to these ebooks will end on Monday 31st March.

Please let the ebooks@cambridge team know at if you have any comments, good or bad about this collection or about the IET Digital Library generally.

Note: we already subscribe to the current ejournals on this platform, click on Journals to access.

Another note: IET = The Institution of Engineering and Technology

Very Short Introductions Online – yes we’ve got it for you!

Very Short Introductions BannerFollowing an incredibly enthusiastic response during the trial period, the ebooks@cambridge service and the University Library is very pleased to announce that the Very Short Introductions series published by Oxford University Press is now available online for University of Cambridge users.

You can access the ebooks from here, both on and off campus (with a Raven login) and all the titles are available with unlimited concurrency.

Catalogue records will be searchable in LibrarySearch very soon and updates to the collection will be added on a monthly basis.

This series offers concise introductions across a wide range of subject areas; Arts & Humanities, Law, Medicine & Health, Science & Mathematics & Social Sciences.

You can browse by subject or search the collection of currently 372 titles, and you can search at the chapter level. You can create your own personal profile which will give you the option to save titles you are reading, copy, paste and annotate the text.

Please email with any questions.

PS. Your favourite title during the trial was Leonard Smith’s Chaos, here are a few more for you to try…

Psychology     Humour          Ice age

Thermodynamics     Ethnomusicology           United Nations