English Historical Documents

EHD bannerFollowing the recent trial, the ebooks team are pleased to announce that the University Library has acquired Routledge’s English Historical Documents complete collection online on permanent access.

You can link to the collection from here and it is available both on and off campus (with a Raven login).

Catalogue records will be added to LibrarySearch as soon as possible.

The EHD is a key History resource that fulfils both teaching and research needs.  EHD comprises a collection of over 5,500 rare primary source documents in British history (500 AD to 1914).  It also includes American Colonial Documents to 1776.  Previously EHD existed in print volumes that have now been converted to an online resource, with value added from full text searching and indexing and classification by the Institute of Historical Research using the historical thesaurus developed by the Royal Historical Society for its Bibliography of British and Irish History (also available for University of Cambridge users).  The content includes “treaties, statutes, declarations, government and cabinet proceedings, military dispatches, orders, acts, sermons, newspaper articles, pamphlets, personal and official letters, and diaries. Each section of documents and many of the documents themselves are accompanied by editorial commentary. The sources cover a wide spectrum of topics, from political and constitutional issues to social, economic, religious as well as cultural history.”


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