Brill Humanities & Social Sciences monographs 2015

Brill banner ebooksThe University Library is pleased to announce that University of Cambridge users can now access Brill Online’s 2015 published ebook titles across the following 9 Humanities & Social Sciences subjects. The number of ebooks in these collections will increase as new titles are published throughout the year.

Asian Studies

Brill 1





Biblical Studies, Ancient Near East & Early Christianity

Brill 2





Classical Studies

Brill 3





European History & Culture

Brill 4





Language and Linguistics

Brill 5





Literature & Culture

Textual transvestism







Middle East & Islamic Studies

Brill 6





Religious Studies, Theology & Philosophy

Brill 7





Social Sciences

Brill 8






These titles are available with unlimited concurrency and can be accessed both on campus and if you are away from Cambridge (with a Raven login). Catalogue records will be loaded into LibrarySearch in early February and there will be regular monthly updates.

The 2015 collections complement Brill’s HSS 2014 collections and Brill’s Companions in Classical Studies (1) already available to our users on Brill Online.

You can also access the Brill Online platform from the ebooks@cambridge collections web page, along with hints and tips.

Please contact the ebooks@cambridge team on with any feedback or questions.


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