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On 27th April the Guardian published an article titled ‘Want to get your research noticed by politicians? Join a think tank’ (Tim Bale, published online Monday 27th April). The article mentions an infographic (below) produced by the Policy Exchange in which they show how they believe they have influenced the manifestos of the three main political parties.

Policy Exchange

As all Policy Exchange publications are free to download in .pdf format we thought we would bring these titles together in one place.

  1. Modernising industrial relations
  2. Cities for growth: solutions to our planning problems
  3. Ending expensive social tenancies: fairness, higher growth and more homes
  4. A right to build: local homes for local people
  5. Future prisons: a radical plan to reform the prison estate
  6. Power down: a plan for a cheaper, more effective justice system
  7. 21st century retail policy: quality, choice, experience and convenience
  8. Taxing issues? reducing housing demand or increasing housing supply
  9. Park…

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Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean – Digital Repository


The Digital Repository of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) offers online access to over 35,000.


Documents in the repository date from the first publication in 1948 through to the most recent titles and are available to download. The repository holds monographs, periodicals, annual reports, conference proceedings and official documents, written by over 8000 authors in five languages.

Alicia Bárcena, ECLAC’s Executive Secretary, has said of the repository:

“In line with our open-access policy, we’re making available to the international community all the documents that have given shape to ECLAC’s thinking, which for more than six decades has aimed to contribute to the development of Latin American and Caribbean countries”

Titles that can be accessed include:

 Economic OutlookEmpleo Economic Survey 2014

The repository aims to increase the visibility and impact of ECLAC’s work and guarantee the lasting and safe preservation of its intellectual property in the long term, among other goals.


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Translated texts for historians e-library


The Translated texts for historians e-library has moved platform.  The e-library is now available at:


We learned about this rather late in the day so unfortunately the links in the records for the titles in LibrarySearch have not yet been updated.  It is hoped that they will be updated in the second week of May.  We apologize for any inconvenience that may be caused.

Please update any links you may be maintaining on your Web pages.  For off campus users using the ezproxy link, this has now changed on the eresources@cambridge A-Z list to:


Any enquiries please email ejournals@lib.cam.ac.uk.  Thank you.

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eBook Religion Collection


Trial access is available until 31 May to Ebsco’s eBook Religion Collection. 

Links to the collection can be found below.  Please send feedback on the collection to ejournals@lib.cam.ac.uk or ebooks@lib.cam.ac.uk.  Thank you.

Part of Ebsco’s Religion and Philosophy Collection, the eBook Religion Collection is a package of e-books featuring more than 4,100 titles from over 150 trusted publishers. The unique collection covers a broad range of religious subjects including philosophy, ethics, history of religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and religious texts. Content in the collection help readers explore religious beliefs, faith, cultural systems and world views.

eBook Religion Collection

On campus http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=e093tww

Off campus http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,shib&profile=ehost&defaultdb=e093tww

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Open access: Cambridge University Press open for business


Cambridge University Press (CUP) is launching a new ‘Open Access Monograph Publishing Service’ offering authors a way to publish their books via open access in a fairly priced way.

This service gives authors the option of publishing their work under the Gold Open Access model, supporting the Press’s mission to disseminate knowledge at the highest international levels of excellence.

The standard charge for publication of books under the Gold Open Access model at CUP is £6,500 ($10,000/€9,000) for titles of up to 120,000 words. The charge has been set at this level in recognition of ongoing print sales, but as these diminish the business models and pricing levels may change.

CUP also supports Green Open Access Archiving across books and journals. This new policy allows authors of monographs and certain other books to post portions of their work on personal websites and repositories without compromising any aspect of the publishing…

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Off-campus access to eresources


We are currently experiencing problems with access to eresources from off-campus.

Access to eresources via the links on the ebooks@cambridge webpages, ejournals A-Z, databases A-Z, LibrarySearch, Newton and LibrarySearch+ are all currently affected.


If you copy the link from the catalogue and delete our prefix (http://ezproxy.lib.cam.ac.uk:2048/login?url=) you can then use the URL to go direct to the ejournal website. These websites often have a Shibboleth or Institutional option for logging in.

RavenSelect the University of Cambridge from the drop down box or enter the name into the search box. You should then see the Raven log in screen. Please note: you should only ever enter your Raven details into the official Raven log in screen. Please do not enter your details into the websites own log in screen.

This issue is being investigated and access will be reinstated as soon as possible.

On-campus access to ebooks, ejournals and databases should be…

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