New ebook titles – August 2015

Here is a selection of the titles added to the ebooks@cambridge collection during August. These titles were purchased by, or on behalf of, department and faculty libraries within the University of Cambridge.

Click on the cover image to access the titles via our authenticated links.

african sexualities  struggles  city futures  ethical soundscape

good strategy  classical sculpture  creationism and its critics  war and society  killing consensus  doing your reclaiming  register social and emotional hoarding  vital memory among empires  violence over the land  leviathan international law  from Jim Crow blues music  segregating  socialising  failed statebuilding  getting by  illicit flows  looting africa  statebuilding NATO Ain't no black northeast asia  Chinese circulations



History of Cartography

All 3 volumes of History of Cartography is now freely available to view online and download from the University of Chicago‘s website.

8399506431_f76ba3ca60_zThe first volume of the History of Cartography was published in 1987 and the three books that constitute Volume Two appeared over the following eleven years. In 1987 the worldwide web did not exist, and since 1998 book publishing has gone through a revolution in the production and dissemination of work. Although the large format and high quality image reproduction of the printed books (see right column) are still well-suited to the requirements for the publishing of maps, the online availability of material is a boon to scholars and map enthusiasts.

Chapters from the first 6six books can be downloaded as PDFs. Click on the links below to access the ebooks (volume three is in 2 parts, but they have the same cover)

HistCar1HistCar21  histcar22  histcar23    HistCar31part 2

Image credit: ‘District of Adelaide, 1839’ by State Library of South Australia on Flikr –

Born-digital IOP ebooks

IOPscience logo

The Betty and Gordon Moore Library and the ebooks@cambridge Service are pleased to announce that titles from two complementary, born-digital ebook collections, IOP Expanding Physics and IOP Concise Physics (Release 1), are now available for registered Cambridge staff and students. These titles serve the needs of undergraduates and researchers.

IOP Publishing states that Expanding Physics titles are “high-quality texts from leading voices across the research landscape on key areas in physics and related subject areas.” There are 10 available titles in this collection.

Concise Physics titles “developed with Morgan & Claypool (M&C), focuses on shorter texts in rapidly advancing areas or topics where an introductory text is more appropriate. These texts are the “first book” on a topic – either the first book published on a fast-moving area or the first book for anyone looking for a current introduction to a subject.” There are 25 available titles in this collection.

IOP ebooks allow unlimited concurrent usage and are available on and off campus (with a Raven login). The titles are published in HTML, PDF, and EPUB formats, and can be downloaded or read online.

The 35 titles are searchable in LibrarySearch and you can access them on the supplier platform from here.

You can also find a list of the titles in both collections (Release 1) here. (Owing to technical issues there are currently 12 extra titles available which are not part of the owned collections, the publisher is aware of the issue and is working to remove these as soon as possible.)

The ebooks@cambridge team welcome queries or comments on these new titles, please email us on

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