MyiLibrary migration to Ebook Central

You might be aware that plans are afoot by Proquest to wind down the MyiLibrary platform and migrate MyiLibrary ebooks to Ebook Central. Cambridge University members already have access to a growing number of ebooks on Ebook Central, so hopefully many of you are already familiar with the platform.

Stage 1 complete – MYI titles no longer on sale

Stage 1 of the process has already been completed, and as of yesterday MyiLibrary titles are no longer available for sale. Those of you who purchase ebooks through Coutts OASIS should no longer be able to see MyiLibrary licence options (a quick spot check this morning seems to confirm this, but do please let us know if you spot any rogues!). Our purchased MyiLibrary titles are still, at this stage, available for users on the existing MyiLibrary platform.

Stage 2 due 2018 – migration of our owned ebooks to Ebook Central

Step 2 of the process involves the migration of our owned MyiLibrary ebooks to the Ebook Central Platform and the closure of the MyiLibrary platform. This will happen in the first half of 2018 and we will be notified a few weeks in advance. All of our existing links to MyiLibrary ebooks will redirect to Ebook Central after the migration.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare?

Patron bookshelves, notes, bookmarks and highlights will not migrate to Ebook Central. If you or your students use these features it might be worth starting to think about preserving this information in advance of the migration, as once the platform switches off there won’t be any way of accessing this data. You might consider the following:

Print your MYI bookshelf list and history

  • Within MyiLibrary, click on My Account (top of screen, on black bar) and log in if necessary.
  • Choose the Bookshelf option.
  • With the list of books displayed, use the browser’s print option to print the list.

Print/email notes you have made within MYI ebooks

  • Within MyiLibrary, click on My Account and log in if necessary.
  • Choose the Notes option.
  • A page will display a list of books in which you have made notes, together with the notes themselves and page references. Select those you wish to print or email and click Print Selected or Email Selected. Note that you need to have added your email address to your account for the email option to work.

Unfortunately there will be no way to transfer highlights or bookmarks to Ebook Central.

We will blog again when we are notified of our migration slot to remind you about these actions. In the meantime, if you have any questions about this process please contact as usual.




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