Duke University Press: new ebooks for 2018

Raymond Knapp traces the musical legacy of German Idealism as it led to the declining prestige of composers such as Haydn while influencing the development of American popular music in the nineteenth century, in Making Light: Haydn, Musical Camp, and the Long Shadow of German Idealism, published recently by Duke University Press.        making light

Knapp identifies in Haydn and in early popular American musical cultures such as minstrelsy and operetta a strain of high camp—a mode of engagement that relishes both the superficial and serious aspects of an aesthetic experience—that runs antithetical to German Idealism’s musical paradigms. Making Light is just one of 35 new titles published so far in 2018, now available on the Duke University Press Books platform for University of Cambridge registered users, thanks to continued funding by the University Library. Click on the covers below to view the full text of some of these titles in subjects including African American Studies, African Studies, American Studies, Anthropology/Ethnography, Asian Studies, Environmental Studies, Film & Television Studies, Gay & Lesbian Studies/Queer Theory, Gender Studies/Feminist Theory, Latin American Studies, Music, Philosophy, and Science Studies.

M archive    Fractivism    Ezili    garbage

archiveology    Tropical riffs    Bodyminds    Primer for teaching African Studies

A further 95 titles will be published online during 2018 and alongside these, members of the University have access to the owned 2017 and 2016 collections and over 2,200 back list titles published between 1964 and 2015. Full-text availability is indicated at the title and chapter level by the following symbol Available.

All available titles are listed on iDiscover and access is available both on and off-campus, via the authenticated links in the iDiscover records. If accessing from off campus you will be directed to log in with your Raven username and password. Alternatively, you can search the collection by subject, author or title on the Duke University Press Books platform.

If you have any comments or questions about this collection please contact the ebooks@cambridge team at ebooks@lib.cam.ac.uk.



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