New ebooks – October/November

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that there was no ‘New ebooks’ blogpost last month; the ebooks@cambridge team was just a bit too busy processing the start-of-term flood of requests (all very welcome of course). We are making up for it this month with a double issue for October and November.

As usual, the covers below are just a taster of the titles added to the ebooks@cambridge collection* during October and November. A complete list of ebook purchases is available to Cambridge library staff to download from the ebooks@cambridge section of the Cambridge Libraries Intranet.

All of the titles can be found in iDiscover. Alternatively, click on the cover images below to access the titles via our authenticated links.

*Titles purchased by, or on behalf of, department and faculty libraries within the University of Cambridge and by the University Library.

Arts & Humanities | Humanities & Social Sciences | Business & Management | STEM

Arts & Humanities

AMES1  AMES2  Classics1  DBE1  DBE2  Div1 English1  Italian1  MML1  MML2  MML3  Music1  Music2 Phil1  AMES3  AMES4  Art1  Div2  Art2  Italian2  Italian3  Ling1  Music3  MML4  Div3  AMES5

Humanities & Social Sciences

Afr1  Anth1  Anth2  Educ1  Educ2  Educ3  Educ4  Educ5  Educ6  Hist1  Hist2  Hist3  Hist4  HPS1  Land1  Land2  Land3  Law1  POLIS1 POLIS2  POLIS3  Psych1  Soc1  Soc2  Soc3  Soc4  Soc5  Soc6  Anth3  Educ7  Educ8  Educ9  Hist5  Hist6  HPS2  LatAm1  POLIS4  POLIS5  Soc7  Soc8

Business & Management

Bus1  Bus2  Bus3  Bus4  Bus5  Bus6  Bus7  Bus8  Bus9  Bus10  Bus11  Bus12

Science, Technology, Engineering & Medicine

Comp1  Eng1  Eng2  Earth1  Eng3  Gen1  Med1  Eng4  MatSoc1  Med2

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