Cambridge Shakespeare: new collection on Cambridge Core

ebooks@cambridge is excited to announce that a new collection from Cambridge University Press – Cambridge Shakespeare – is now available on Cambridge Core. The collection can be accessed on and off-campus through its own home page on Core.

What’s in the collection?

Cambridge Shakespeare is a ‘one-stop shop’ where the complete works of Shakespeare (Works of Shakespeare) can be accessed together with critical essays and reference works (Worlds of Shakespeare) and supplementary digitised content from the Folger Shakespeare Library, the world’s largest Shakespeare collection. Specifically, the collection includes:

  • The complete bestselling New Cambridge Shakespeare series (41 volumes)
  • The New Cambridge Shakespeare: The Early Quartos series (7 volumes)
  • Shakespeare in Production (14 volumes)
  • The Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare; over 300 transhistorical, international and interdisciplinary essays on Shakespeare and contexts
  • A new version of Emma Smith’s The Cambridge Shakespeare Guide, exclusive to Cambridge Shakespeare
  • Multimedia resources for each work, curated by the Folger Shakespeare Library

Here is a small sample of titles available:

How do I find material?

MARC records for the individual works have been added to iDiscover. However, browsing the platform is an excellent way to explore content since each work has a curated home page bringing together the different versions of the primary text, relevant essays and multimedia resources and a Cambridge Shakespeare Guide. Alternatively you can approach the content from the Worlds of Shakespeare view which thematically groups essays under headings such as Mapping Shakespeare’s world, Language, England 1560 – 1650, Shakespeare as cultural icon and Production history, making browsing incredibly straightforward.


The following functionality is available:

  • Ability to switch between explanatory, performance-based and textual notes
  • User friendly navigation and full-text search
  • Ability to toggle notes on and off, presenting an uncluttered and customisable reading experience
  • Ability to view and download content in both HTML and PDF formats – DRM-free
  • Extensive cross-referencing within and between Shakespeare’s works


As usual, if you have any questions about this or any other ebook resource, please contact the ebooks@cambridge team.

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