100,000s of new ebooks : EBSCO and ProQuest

Cambridge staff and students now have full access to hundreds of thousands of academic ebooks through new annual subscriptions to EBSCO’s eBook Academic Collection and ProQuest’s Academic Complete.  This brief post provides some sample titles with a focus on the city of Beirut, following the tragic news of last week.  All links go to the relevant iDiscover record (iDiscover holds catalogue records for all ProQuest and EBSCO ebooks).  For further books about Beirut, an advanced search on iDiscover for Beirut Lebanon as the subject will provide the right start, and readers can then narrow results by online access and/or other parameters as desired.

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Some ebooks on colonialism and racism in Scandinavia

Among the worldwide reactions to the killing of George Floyd, protests have taken place across Scandinavia. Much of the local media coverage of these events assumed a display of solidarity with the United States and perpetuated the misconception that racism was something belonging to other countries. However, the participants were also highlighting current problems of systemic racism in their own countries along with the need to face up to their colonial past.

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Dutch titles on race and decolonisation

Last week’s blog post Black Lives Matter : some ebooks looked at a selection of anti-racism English-language titles.  Today’s post will be the first of a series looking at titles in other languages, with a focus today on Dutch material.

Netherlands and Belgium share with the UK a history of colonisation and slavery and are addressing uncomfortable issues of ongoing racism.  Dutch ebooks available to Cambridge staff and students are very few, so the suggestions below include translations into English and books published in English by Dutch-language authors.

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Black Lives Matter : some ebooks

The killing of George Floyd and others in the US and the protests that have followed there and around the world have seen, among many other positive actions, advice being shared about reading material to aid understanding of modern-day and historical Black experience.  Olivette Otele, Professor of History of Slavery at the University of Bristol, published a list of “12 classics from the anti-racist canon” in the Sunday Times yesterday.  Through her Twitter profile, Professor Otele provided a snapshot of the list here.

This post looks at the availability (where possible) of these titles electronically for Cambridge staff and students, and then ends with a brief list of some further ebooks we have recently purchased.

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Wiley Digital Archives : access until 30th June 2020


We now have access to 4 further collections in the Wiley Digital Archives:

Access is available until 30th June 2020.

Please send your feedback via the online form.

Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) archive

Royal Geographical Society (with Institute of British Geographers) was founded in 1830. The learned Society promotes the advancement of geographical science in all its aspects. The Society’s archive contains vast collections of documents, maps, photographs, expedition reports, manuscript materials and books, and span 500 years of geography, travel and exploration. The RGS holds one of the largest private map collections in the world. It includes one million sheets of maps and charts, 3000 atlases, 40 globes (as gores or mounted…

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More extended access to Francophone e-resources at Cambridge: Cairn and Brepols

As part of temporary measures to help universities during the lockdown period, Cairn, an important online collection of francophone publications in social sciences and humanities, are offering free access to all their c. 10.000 ebooksand pocket encyclopaediasfrom major French, Belgian and Swiss publishers (“Ouvrages” and “Que sais-je ?/Repères” tabs in the top banner), until 31st May 2020. Access is through Raven, at this link (Connexion > Grande Bretagne > University of Cambridge (accès distant)). Cambridge University Library also subscribes annually to 156 of the Cairn journals (out of c. 500 in total), as part of a package called “French studies and humanities” on the platform “Cairn international edition” (see the A-Z Databases: Francophone Area Studies).


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ReadCube Research Pass (reblog)


Reblogged from ReadCube:

In collaboration with leading publishers, ReadCube is announcing the launch of an unprecedented new initiative to facilitate access to literature relevant to COVID-19 research.  The COVID-19 Research Pass (CRP) program provides direct access to over 26 million articles and is available to anyone studying or writing about COVID-19.

Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, scholarly publishers were quick to open up access to COVID-19 literature to the greater research community. These initiatives have provided much needed and timely access to the latest publications specifically covering the COVID-19 virus.

The CRP program expands on these efforts to provide COVID-19 researchers with access to a broader set of content needed in the course of their research. Rather than pre-filtering access to specific articles related to COVID-19, the CRP allows researchers to access any article from participating publishers they may need while  studying COVID-19, including both open access and…

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Knovel Complete Collection : access until 30th June 2020


The Knovel complete collection is available to access until 30th June 2020.

Please send you feedback about the Knovel collection via the online form.

You will need to create an account on the Knovel platform to be able to access the site.

Knovel accelerates your discovery of answers and insights from technical reference content sourced from over 140+ providers — so you can more quickly tap into must-have resources. Instead of limiting search to narrow fields of expertise, searches in Knovel scan across the widest multidisciplinary areas, with each offering drilling down across multiple sources to deliver all relevant data, including full-text content, equations, materials and substances data, and interactive charts and graphs.

Knovel offers video tutorials and a Quick Start Guide to help to introduce you to the database.

Technical reference offerings

Adhesives, coatings, sealants & inks

From paint and ink formulations to corrosive resistant coatings and the…

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ProQuest’s Academic Complete – 180,000 ebook titles on trial access during COVID-19

ProQuest has generously extended temporary access to Academic Complete (which was originally due to finish on the 20th June) until the 31st of July. The collection is available from the link below and individual title records are searchable in iDiscover.


This collection of 180,000 scholarly ebooks is hosted on ProQuest’s Ebook Central platform. This curated collection of ebooks are available with unlimited, multi-user access and DRM-free chapter downloads. Included titles cover a wide range of subjects, and are sourced from leading academic publishers, including Routledge, Wiley, Oxford University Press, Brill, Elsevier Science & Technology, John Benjamins, and many hundreds more.

Help documentation

– The Ebook Central LibGuide:

– Videos:

Please tell us what you think of this collection using the feedback form here. Thank you.