Important information about dawsonera ebooks

The company that owns dawsonera, one of our longstanding ebook aggregator platforms, went into administration in June. It is very likely that the Dawsonera platform, which currently hosts about 3,500 of our ebooks, will be taken offline from the end of the evening, Thursday 30th July.

As a result, from Friday 31st July, users may come across dead links for Dawsonera ebooks in iDiscover. The loss of access will only be temporary, but at the moment, we are unable to specify a date when access to these titles will be made available.

The ebooks team is currently working with our other key ebook aggregator suppliers to make sure that the ebooks we have purchased will be made available on a different platform or platforms.

Any notes added to Dawsonera ebooks by individual users will not be transferred to the new platform, so if you want to keep notes please do export them before the end of the day on Thursday 30th July.

We do apologise for the inconvenience this potential temporary loss of access will cause, and we will be working as hard as we can to ensure any loss of access is as brief as possible. If you have any questions please do get in contact with the ebooks@cambridge team on

Changes to Dawsonera ebook downloading

Those of you who use Dawsonera ebooks may have noticed that the way you can download ebooks from the platform is changing. The following notice has been displayed on the downloading part of the site for the past couple of months.

Dawsonera download changes

From Tuesday the 31st October Adobe Reader will no longer support the downloading of Dawsonera ebooks, instead you will need to have the free Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software loaded onto your PC or laptop. (You also need ADE to download Ebook Central ebooks, so if you can download these then you should be ok.)

Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) will be required for downloading both PDF and ePub Dawsonera ebooks onto a PC or a laptop. You can download ADE for free from here. Some e-readers also support ADE, and you can access a list of these from the ADE website.

For those users who want to download Dawsonera ebooks onto mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, you will need to ensure you have Bluefire Reader installed. This free app can be found at the iOS App Store or the Android alternatives.

To download ebooks:

  • Create an Adobe ID if you don’t already have one. Go to the Adobe website, click SIGN IN then “get an Adobe ID”.
  • Download ADE or the BlueFire Reader app.
  • Authorise ADE or the BlueFire Reader app with your Adobe ID.
  • Access the e-book on Dawsonera via iDiscover and choose to download to either Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire Reader as appropriate.

There is also guidance on downloading ADE on the Dawsonera help pages.

You can authorise up to 6 computers / devices with your Adobe ID. Authorising your computers / devices with the same Adobe ID means that an ebook you download to one will be available to you on the others.

You may find it advisable to select the read onlineoption if you are not using your own computer or laptop to access Dawsonera ebooks. Although you may well be able to download using ADE on the university’s managed cluster computers, unless that machine is authorised to your own Adobe ID, then that ebook download will be tied to that machine. Authorising computers you may never use again to your Adobe ID may not be the best use of your 6 device limit.



Popular ebook titles, Lent Term 2017

medicine2      BLANCHARD MACRO.indd      kicking      Kurdish

There follows a list of owned ebooks, hosted on a variety of supplier platforms, which have been in demand over the Lent Term. They have all been upgraded to allow greater concurrent access, as a result of multiple turnaway notifications received by the ebooks@cambridge team.

Chang – Kicking away the ladder : development strategy in historical perspective

Orton – St. Gregory of Nyssa : anti-Apollinarian writings

Bengio – Kurdish Awakening : nation building in a fragmented homeland

Griffin – Satire : a critical reintroduction

Brown – Pass the PSA

Wright – Critical issues in peace and education

Hitchings – Top 100 drugs : clinical pharmacology and practical prescribing

Moffitt – The global rise of populism : performance, political style, and representation

Dierksheide – Amelioration and empire : progress and slavery in the plantation Americas

Brunson – Russian realisms: literature and painting, 1840–1890

Miller – The subject of Holocaust fiction

Landau – Collected papers of L. D. Landau

Ross – China in the era of Xi Jinping : domestic and foreign policy challenges

Blanchard – Macroeconomics (6th edition, Global edition)

All of these ebook titles can be found in iDiscover and can be accessed on and off campus with a Raven login.

holocaust      china      physics1      populism

Dawonera v5 Online Reader

Dawsonera have launched their v5 Online Reader which offers a host of new features and enhancements.

Dawsonera 5 mainDaws searchThe new platform offers full screen reading by clicking on the ‘expand’ icon on the right hand side above the book details.

New features include enhanced navigation using the table of contents and full text searching with hit highlighting (if your search does not highlight the keywords in the text please check if the ‘highlight’ option is selected). By clicking on an entry in the results list in the left pane of the platform you can jump to the point in the text where the search term appears.

Daws notes 1The notes tab allows you to add notes to a pane at the bottom of the screen and a list of the notes you have created will appear on the left hand side of the screen.

You can export these notes as a text file.

You can share your notes, as the Online Reader can create a code for you to send to other users who will then be able to see your notes. You can also import notes from others by entering their codes.

Citations can be exported to both RefWorks and EndNote. Other resources will be added in the future.

daws printPreviously on the Dawsonera platform it was only possible to print one page at a time. The new platform allows page ranges to be printed. The print screen will also show you how many pages you will be able to print from the title you are using.


Dawsonera v5 Online Reader has fully responsive supported mobile and tablet versions, which include all of the same enhancements as the desktop site.

Pearson ebooks on Dawsonera can no longer be downloaded

Dawsonera have informed the ebooks team that Pearson have altered their digital rights on all of their ebooks. As a result, from today, January 12th 2015, Pearson content is no longer available to download, and our users can only access their content online. This change includes Pearson titles that the library has already purchased as well as all future purchases of Pearson ebook titles from Dawsonera.

Please note that users can still access Pearson content via the read online functionality and users can still print and copy within the read online mode. There are currently 83 Pearson published Dawsonera ebooks in the universities’ ebooks collection.

Please see below for what users will now see when accessing Pearson ebooks on Dawsonera. The inability to download should be clearly indicated in red and the downloading icon is absent.

advanced microeconomic theory dawsonera pearsonThe ebooks@cambridge Advisory Group have clearly expressed their concerns about this retrograde step to Dawsonera and this in turn will be fed back to Pearson by the suppliers.

Please send any comments to the ebooks team on

dawsonera downloading arrives

dawsonera downloadingAfter a bit of a wait, dawsonera ebooks can now be downloaded to Android and Apple (iOS) mobile devices, including tablets, Smart phones, iPads and iPhones. Users will be asked to choose from 1 or 2 day downloads. Downloading to Mac computers has also been enabled.

Each of our dawsonera ebooks are available as either PDFs or as EPUB files, this depends on the publishers. Instructions for downloading these two file types are different and detailed in the online help guides available from this User Guide webpage.

Click on either Downloading ebooks to an Android device or on Downloading ebooks to iOS for step-by-step instructions. You will need to have registered for an Adobe ID if you haven’t got one already, you can do this from here. You will also need to ensure you have the Bluefire Reader App downloaded onto your device (for reading EPUB files) and the Adobe Reader App (for downloading PDF files).

You can still download dawsonera ebooks to a PC, laptop or memory stick and also to a Mac (although if the default PDF reader is Preview the ebooks won’t open, try installing and using Adobe Reader instead).

Click on this if you want to start downloading the whole ebookPlease let the ebooks@cambridge team know if you have any problems downloading dawsonera ebooks. We have had a go at downloading to an iPad2 and it worked for us but we understand there could be issues downloading to some Android mobile phones, we are monitoring this.



A dawson era dawns

Dramatic sky at sunset / sunriseOur dawsonera ebook collection is growing rapidly and will soon reach 900 titles. So far in 2013, 313 ebooks have been purchased, by Faculty and Departmental librarians, the PDA trial, and the ebooks@cambridge team.

The top 10 most popular dawsonera ebooks in 2013 so far (by hits) are listed below…

1. Kotler – Marketing management (Business) 7487 hits

2. Xiu – Crash course Pathology (Medicine) 3527 hits

3. Butler – Clinical radiology of the horse (Veterinary Medicine) 2493 hits

4. Clackson – A companion to the Latin language (MML) 2199 hits

5. Adelman – Suffocating mothers (English Literature) 2148 hits

6. Alexander – The Cambridge primary review research surveys (Education) 1942 hits

7. Davies – An introduction to behavioural ecology (Zoology) 1834 hits

8. Rhodes – Greek historical inscriptions (Classics) 1780 hits

9. Cochrane – Asset pricing (Business) 1715 hits

10. Kaiser – Drawing theories apart (HPS) 1473 hits

The busiest month so far in 2013 was May with dawsonera ebooks receiving 47,532 hits.


New look dawsonera


The new look dawsonera ebook platform is now live. New features include:

  • Searching and browsing has been improved so you can now refine your results by year of publication (using the sliding bar), category (subject) and publisher.

dawsonera search results

  • You can now save searches and set up a search alert to be notified by email about new content that matches your search.
  • You can now add your favourite ebooks to your bookshelf by clicking the star icon so it turns yellow.
  • When viewing an ebook you can now use the slider to move through the ebook.
  • When viewing an ebook, hover over the print or copy icon to see how many pages can be printed and copied. The green bar will change to yellow, then red as you near the limit of allowed pages.

For owned content the ‘Read online’ and ‘Download’ buttons have been replaced by icons. For unowned content you will see icons for ‘5 minute preview’ and ‘Suggest for purchase’.

dawsonera owned content iconsdawsonera unowned content icons

A user guide to the new Reader Portal is here:

dawsonera have produced some tutorial videos about the new site, which can be accessed from the help page. They include how to download from an ebook and how to print from an ebook.

Note: Users of Internet Explorer 8 may find that some aspects of the site do not display correctly and you may need to scroll across to find the read online and download icons.

If you have any feedback or questions about the new dawsonera platform please contact the ebooks@cambridge team on or comment on this blog post.