Knovel returns for 6 months


Early in 2014 the University Library held a successful trial of Knovel, an online service for discovering reference information, interactive content and properties data for engineers and scientists. Thank you to all who participated and provided feedback on how useful this resource is for teaching, research and coursework.

As of today until the end of May 2015, University of Cambridge registered users have access to Knovel once again. This has been made possible through the financial support of the Engineering Department, the Engineering Department Library, and the ebooks@cambridge service.

You can access the collection, both on and off campus (with a Raven login) from HERE

You will be able to search for the ebooks, papers and reports included in the Knovel collection in LibrarySearch, the records should appear in the week beginning the 8th December. For a list of subject areas included in Knovel please scroll down.

Please contact Niamh Tumelty, the Engineering Librarian on with your feedback on this collection. Your qualitative feedback, together with the extended usage statistics, will be reviewed to help come to a decision with regards to subscribing to Knovel on an ongoing basis.

Not heard of Knovel? Missed the chance to try it last time?
The Engineering Library, in collaboration with Elsevier, invite academic staff and students from all faculties to an introductory session on Knovel next Monday 8th December at 12 noon in Lecture Room 5, first floor of the Department of Engineering Baker Building, Trumpington Street.

The session will be hosted by Jason De Boer from Elsevier, who will give an overview of the trial, provide a live demonstration of Knovel to show how it can support your teaching, coursework and research, and answer any questions you may have.

To book, please use this link:

Subject areas covered in Knovel (with clickable links)


New look platform for Elsevier eLibrary

The Elsevier eLibrary hosts 12 popular titles for the school of Clinical Medicine.

eElsevier elibrary

The eLibrary site has been redesigned for easier navigation and functionality across a range of devices. On entering the site you will see your Bookshelf displaying all 12 titles that are available to members of the University of Cambridge (the 15 books that are currently listed include old and new editions of Davidson’s principles and practice of medicine, Macleod’s clinical examination and Robbins & Cotran pathologic basis of disease).

When you read one of the e-textbooks online you will have the option thighlighter elsevierprinter elseviero  print using the printer icon on the right hand side of the screen. On the left hand side of the screen the highlighter icon (‘Text selection’ function) allows you to highlight text on screen (that can be saved to your account if you have one set up) or to copy and paste text.

These e-textbooks are downloadable by clicking ‘Read Offline’ next to each title, you will need to manually download iPublishCentral Reader for PC/Desktop.ipub

When you have downloaded iPublishCentral Reader, or if you already have it installed, you can just click on the green download arrow to add one of the e-textbooks to your bookshelf.

The downloads will be available to you for 7 days.

Elsevier e-textbooks can be accessed and read on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. On iPads both Safari and Chrome web browsers seem to display the titles well.

For further details please see this leaflet published by Elsevier.



Elsevier Medical ETextbooks are now downloadable!

Are you a medic?

Did you know that the 12 titles we own on Elsevier ETextbooks are now downloadable?

From the Elsevier ETextbooks Bookshelf you can see that the download option is now available under online reading:


Each title can be downloaded for 48 hours, using the iPublishCentral Reader:elsevier4

Click here for more detailed instructions about downloading this. If you have any problems don’t hesitate to email us on

Also, don’t forget which titles we have…

  • Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine, 21st Edition
  • Essential Surgery, 4th Edition
  • Gray’s Anatomy for Students, 2nd Edition
  • Illustrated Textbook of Paediatrics, 4th Edition
  • Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine, 8th Edition
  • Macleod’s Clinical Examination, 13th Edition
  • Mims’ Medical Microbiology, 5th Edition
  • Rang & Dale’s Pharmacology, 7th Edition
  • Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease, 8th Edition
  • Textbook of Medical Physiology, 12th Edition
  • Underwood’s Pathology, 6th Edition
  • Wheater’s Basic Pathology, 5th Edition

davidson        Grays         rang

New Medical e-textbooks

medical jacketsThe ebooks@cambridge team, in liaison with the Medical Library and the Colleges has reviewed the medical e-textbook collection we subscribe to on the Elsevier Elibrary platform. Most of the titles were proving popular and appearing near the very top of the usage charts but there were also a few titles that were considerably less frequently consulted. There were also more titles which we wanted to add to the collection.

There are now 12 titles in the Elsevier collection, all of them are the latest editions, all of them are searchable in LibrarySearch and they can be used off-campus with a Raven login. They are listed below:

Davidson’s principles and practice of medicine

Illustrated textbook of paediatrics

Kumar and Clarke’s clinical medicine

Macleod’s clinical examination

Rang & Dale’s pharmacology

Robbins and Cotran pathologic basis of disease

Guyton and Hall textbook of medical physiology

Essential surgery (Burkitt) NEW

Gray’s anatomy for students NEW

Mims’ medical microbiology NEW

Underwood’s pathology NEW (formerly General and systematic pathology)

Wheater’s basic pathology NEW

Three titles have been removed from the ebooks collection, these are:

Clinical examination (Epstein)

Clinical pharmacology (Bennett)

Dermatology (Gawkrodger)

You can find available print copies of these titles in Cambridge University and College libraries by searching LibrarySearch or in Newton.

iPadAccess on tablet devices

You should soon be able to read all of our Elsevier medical e-textbooks on mobile tablet devices such as iPads. At the moment 3 of the titles will not work as Elsevier are working on providing the necessary EPUB files (Essential surgery, Illustrated textbook of Paediatrics and Mims’ medical microbiology). The other 9 titles should be accessible on an iPad and they have been tested successfully using Safari and Chrome web browsers. You may find that the e-textbooks don’t work as well on other tablet devices such as the Galaxy Tab. You cannot download the e-textbooks onto iPads, PCs or any other device to use offline.

Any feedback on using Elsevier e-textbooks on tablets would be appreciated by the ebooks@cambridge team, please email or comment on this post.