New platform for Taylor & Francis eBooks

Taylor & Francis have updated their platform. Here’s a quick guide to how it looks and what has changed.

T&FTaylor & Francis say that:

The combination of filtered search, sorting and search history brings you a far more effective tool for finding the ideal content, whether for research, course work or personal interest.

T&F searchWith the new look platform Taylor & Francis have introduced filters to search results that allow users to see only full or open access content.

You can then sort your results by relevance, online publication date, most read, author or by A-Z of title. Or you can filter your search by subject, publication dates, book title or author or editor.

Details of up to 10 searches will automatically be saved for you per session, showing the number of results found, which can be saved to your personal account.

Search tips are offered here:

The T&F ‘news & events’ page details the new features.





Taylor & Francis ebooks just got faster

In response to customer feedback, Taylor & Francis ebooks have introduced new functionality which means you do not have to wait for a full PDF download to start reading an ebook.

You now have a choice of ways to access both DRM-free and DRM-protected titles. This has meant some changes to the way users open Taylor & Francis ebooks.

So, what does this mean for me?
The Open and Read button has been changed to Access.  When this is clicked, a pop-up will offer further options. Users are able to choose whether they want to access the content instantaneously, or wait a little longer for a full PDF download.

Most of our ebooks are DRM-free, which means that they allow unlimited concurrent users and there are no print/copy/paste/access restrictions but full copyright law applies.

This is what it will look like for a DRM-free title:


Some of our ebooks are DRM-protected, which means that they allow 20 or 50 concurrent users and there are restrictions on the amount that can be copied and printed. For DRM-protected titles, you will need to choose ‘standard access’ to open a PDF in order to copy and/or print. You can choose ‘download a copy’ to download an ebook for 3 days, but it is not possible to copy or print from a downloaded copy. For more details about the restrictions on DRM-protected titles see the ebooks@cambridge tips and instructions.

This is what it will look like for a DRM-protected title:


If you have any comments or queries, please let the ebooks@cambridge team know on or comment on this blog.


New Taylor & Francis eBooks platform

For some years ebooks@cambridge have subscribed to a collection of 250 Taylor & Francis ebooks, which since summer 2011 have been hosted on the MyiLibrary platform. During summer 2012 we reviewed this arrangement, in consultation with the ebooks Advisory Group and Faculty and Departmental librarians from Archaeology & Anthropology, Classics, Divinity, Education & Geography. This was done in the context that Taylor & Francis subscription costs were due to rise considerably in 2012 and some of the ebook titles in our collection were no longer attracting high usage. Taylor & Francis also launched their new ebooks platform this summer so we needed to make a decision as to where this collection of ebooks was going to be hosted and which titles should remain accessible.

Following extensive consultation, ebooks@cambridge have retained and purchased 62 of the most popular Taylor & Francis ebooks which are now available on the new Taylor & Francis eBooks platform. Subjects covered are Archaeology & Anthropology, Classics, Divinity, Education and Geography. These ebooks are not new to University of Cambridge users, but from Tuesday 1 January 2013 they will only be available on the Taylor & Francis eBooks platform. T&Ficon

All our current  250 Taylor & Francis subscription ebooks currently hosted on MyiLibrary will be removed from that platform at the end of the day on Monday 31st December 2012.

The ebooks@cambridge team will remove the 250 MARC records pointing to MyiLibrary from the erdb/LibrarySearch early in 2013, and 62 new MARC records containing links to the new Taylor & Francis eBooks platform will be loaded before Christmas 2012. A list of the 62 purchased titles can be found here.

A link to the Taylor & Francis eBooks platform is available on the ebooks@cambridge public collections web page, along with tips and hints on accessing the ebooks from off-campus and other useful access information.

Most of the ebooks are DRM-free and benefit from unlimited user concurrency, although 14 of them are DRM-protected; further details can be found on the ebooks@cambridge collections page.  All of the ebooks can currently be downloaded to a PC, Mac or laptop; further developments to enable downloading to mobile devices will be forthcoming and ebooks@cambridge is encouraging the publisher to prioritise these advances.

If you have any queries or comments about the new Taylor & Francis platform please email the ebooks@cambridge team on