MyiLibrary migration to Ebook Central

You might be aware that plans are afoot by Proquest to wind down the MyiLibrary platform and migrate MyiLibrary ebooks to Ebook Central. Cambridge University members already have access to a growing number of ebooks on Ebook Central, so hopefully many of you are already familiar with the platform.

Stage 1 complete – MYI titles no longer on sale

Stage 1 of the process has already been completed, and as of yesterday MyiLibrary titles are no longer available for sale. Those of you who purchase ebooks through Coutts OASIS should no longer be able to see MyiLibrary licence options (a quick spot check this morning seems to confirm this, but do please let us know if you spot any rogues!). Our purchased MyiLibrary titles are still, at this stage, available for users on the existing MyiLibrary platform.

Stage 2 due 2018 – migration of our owned ebooks to Ebook Central

Step 2 of the process involves the migration of our owned MyiLibrary ebooks to the Ebook Central Platform and the closure of the MyiLibrary platform. This will happen in the first half of 2018 and we will be notified a few weeks in advance. All of our existing links to MyiLibrary ebooks will redirect to Ebook Central after the migration.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare?

Patron bookshelves, notes, bookmarks and highlights will not migrate to Ebook Central. If you or your students use these features it might be worth starting to think about preserving this information in advance of the migration, as once the platform switches off there won’t be any way of accessing this data. You might consider the following:

Print your MYI bookshelf list and history

  • Within MyiLibrary, click on My Account (top of screen, on black bar) and log in if necessary.
  • Choose the Bookshelf option.
  • With the list of books displayed, use the browser’s print option to print the list.

Print/email notes you have made within MYI ebooks

  • Within MyiLibrary, click on My Account and log in if necessary.
  • Choose the Notes option.
  • A page will display a list of books in which you have made notes, together with the notes themselves and page references. Select those you wish to print or email and click Print Selected or Email Selected. Note that you need to have added your email address to your account for the email option to work.

Unfortunately there will be no way to transfer highlights or bookmarks to Ebook Central.

We will blog again when we are notified of our migration slot to remind you about these actions. In the meantime, if you have any questions about this process please contact as usual.




New ebooks – December 2017

Despite being a short, LMS-free month, librarians across the University have continued to buy ebooks through December. Here is a selection of the titles added to the ebooks@cambridge collection this month. These titles were purchased by, or on behalf of, department and faculty libraries within the University of Cambridge and by the University Library.

Click on the cover image to access the title via our authenticated links.

AMES1   AMES2  AMES3  Comp1  Comp2  Educ1  Educ2  Educ3   Educ4  Eng1  Eng2    Eng3    Eng4  Gen1  Geog1  Hist1  Matsci1  Matsci2  Med1  Med2  POLIS1  POLIS2  POLIS3  POLIS4  Psych1   Soc1  Study1  Study2

ACLS Humanities Ebook now offering PDF chapter downloads

The ACLS Humanities Ebook platform is now offering DRM-free PDF chapter downloads for its page image titles (that’s those titles – the majority – that display the icon-book icon). This is a significant platform enhancement, greatly simplifying use of the content.

How does it work?

From the TOC page, click on a chapter heading to get into the title. Once in the e-book, you will see three buttons in the top left corner of the e-reader. Click on the button labeled “Chapter PDF”:

ACLS chapter download button


and then the “Download this chapter as PDF” link:

ACLS download link

Depending on your browser settings, the PDF will either open in a new browser tab or download directly to a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader. If the PDF opens in your browser and you wish to open it in a reader, hover your cursor over the centre-bottom of the screen and click the download button that appears:

ACLS download button

Tell me more about the ACLS Humanities Ebook platform

ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) is an online collection of around 5,000 books of high quality in the humanities. These titles are offered by the American Council of Learned Societies in collaboration with thirty-one learned societies, over 100 contributing publishers, and the Michigan Publishing division at the University of Michigan Library. The goals of this collaboration are to assist scholars in the electronic publication of high-quality works in the humanities, to explore the intellectual possibilities of new media, and to help assure the continued viability of scholarship in today’s changing publishing environment. The result is an online, fully searchable collection of high-quality books in the humanities, recommended and reviewed by scholars.

The ACLS Humanities E-Book platform is available on and off-campus to members of the University. The platform does not currently work with EZProxy, so off-campus users will need to click on the ‘Login for Full access’ buttons that display on book title pages, select University of Cambridge as your institution, then enter your Raven username and password.

Please contact with any questions about this platform.

Popular ebooks, Michaelmas Term 2017

There follows a list of owned ebooks, hosted on a variety of supplier platforms, which have been in demand over the Michaelmas Term. They have all been upgraded to allow greater concurrent access, as a result of multiple turnaway notifications received by the ebooks@cambridge team.

Finding italy    biogeography    Piers    HUMAN EVOLUTION

Cox – Biogeography: An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach (9th ed.)

Crew – Bodies and Ruins

Müller – Contesting Democracy: Political Ideas in Twentieth-Century Europe

Tse – Corporate Finance: the basics

Fletcher – Finding Italy: Travel, Nation, and Colonization in Vergil’s Aeneid

Kuhn – Handbook of Child Psychology: Cognition, Perception, and Language

Gamble – Hayek: the Iron Cage of Liberty

Craig – Languages of Politics in Nineteenth-Century Britain

Mullins – Management and Organisational Behaviour (11th ed.)

Beetham – Max Weber and the Theory of Modern Politics

Langland – Piers Plowman: A Modern Verse Translation

Lewin – Principles of Human Evolution (2nd ed.)

Barber – Print culture and the First Yoruba Novel: I. B. Thomas’s life story of Me, Segilola and Other Texts

Francis – The Conservatives and British Society, 1880-1990

Kittler – The Truth of the Technological World: Essays on the Genealogy of Presence

Nelson – The Social Life of DNA: Race, Reparations, and Reconciliation After the Genome

Duffy – The Stripping of the Altars: Traditional Religion in England, 1400–-1580 (2nd ed.)

All of these ebook titles can be found in iDiscover and can be accessed on and off campus with a Raven login.

conservatives     DNA     management    stripping


New ebooks – November 2017

Here is a selection of the titles added to the ebooks@cambridge collection during November. These titles were purchased by, or on behalf of, department and faculty libraries within the University of Cambridge and by the University Library.

Click on the cover image to access the title via our authenticated links.

Anth1   Arch1  Bus1  Bus2  Comp1  Educ1  Educ2  Educ3   Engl1  Engl2  Geog1    Hist1    Hist2  HPS1  Land1  Land2  Lam1  Law1  Med1  MML1  MML2  Phil1  POL1  POL2  Soc1   Bus3  Soc2  POL3      Archa1  Archa2  Educ4  Educ5  Educ6  Educ7  Educ8  Engl3    Engl4 Hist3  Hist4  MML3        

New titles available from ACLS Humanities ebooks

As of August this year, there are 154 new titles available on the ACLS Humanities ebooks platform, including titles from new publishers like The Ohio State University Press & Bucknell University Press, and expanding subject areas in Islamic Studies, Gender, Race, Architecture and more.

Here is a selection of the new titles – click on the covers to access them (a complete list of the new titles can be downloaded to Excel here: HEB2017_TitleRelease):

Stalinism  Without lying down  Ghetto  Beyond  Fixing men  whitewashing  heirs  Dust bowl Dragon   Literature  Rap   Nuns

Records for the new titles are not yet available in iDiscover, but will be added in January. Meanwhile, members of the University can access all new and existing titles on and off-campus via the ACLS Humanities ebooks platform. NB For off-campus access, you will need to click on the ‘Login for Full access’ buttons that display on book title pages, select University of Cambridge as your institution, then enter your Raven username and password.

As usual, please contact for further assistance.

Duke University Press launches new platform for ebooks and ejournals


Duke University Press publishes approximately 120 books annually and over 50 journals, as well as offering several electronic collections. A not-for-profit scholarly publisher, the Press is best known for publishing in the humanities and social sciences.

Thanks to the UL’s English Collections fund, Cambridge University members have electronic access to a growing collection of new book titles from Duke, as well as 1250 titles published between 1964 and 2007 from the archive collection in the following subjects: AMES, Anthropology, Education, English, History, Music, South Asian Studies and SPS.

On November 20th, Duke University Press launched a new online platform hosted by Silverchair Information Systems. The platform can be accessed on and off campus via the following link:

Features of the new platform include:

  • Intuitive and ‘clean’ design
  • Simultaneous searching of ebook and ejournal content
  • Useful search limits, including limit by format, date range and availability
  • Filter search results to easily find images
  • Browse book chapters by subject
  • DRM-free downloading of all purchased content to pdf
  • The site is natively mobile, adapting to devices of any size

Records for Duke University Press ebooks are in iDiscover and links are now redirecting seamlessly to the new platform.

As usual, if you have any questions about this platform, please contact

New ebooks – October 2017

Here is a selection of the titles added to the ebooks@cambridge collection during October. These titles were purchased by, or on behalf of, department and faculty libraries within the University of Cambridge and by the University Library.

Click on the cover image to access the title via our authenticated links.

9781612055459   AMES1  AMES2  AMES3  Anth1  Bus1  Bus2  Classics1   Education1  Education2  Education3    Education4    Education5  Education6  Education7  Porteous_Structural_9.indd  English1  English2  English3  English4  Hist1  Hist2  HPS1  Land1  Law1   Mat1  Med1  MML1      Music1  Music2  Pharm1  Phil1  Plant1  Pol1  Pol2  PO3    Pol3 Pol4  Pol5  Pol6  SAS1  Soc1  Soc2  Soc3

Explore our medical ebooks


Are you a busy medical student studying at the University of Cambridge?

Did you know about the ebooks the library has been buying for you? Many of them are the latest editions of key titles. Check out a selection below. These and hundreds more medical titles are searchable in iDiscover.

Really new additions to our ebooks collection

roitts          clinical dermatology

pediatric         drug

Pretty new ebook titles in our collection

berne                obstetrics

global health          abc

Older but still crucial…

Principles neural        Untitled-1

larsen's         palliative

If you would like to recommend medical titles for ebook purchasing please email the ebooks@cambridge team on or contact staff in the Medical Library.

Taylor & Francis eBooks – a new ebooks platform


Taylor & Francis have launched a new ebooks platform, Taylor & Francis eBooks. This new platform replaces the old Taylor and Francis eBooks and CRCnetBASE platforms and will be a single destination for University of Cambridge registered users to access library-purchased publisher ebook content across the Taylor & Francis imprints; these include CRC Press, Psychology Press, Routledge, Routledge Academic, and Routledge India .

Searching and finding accessible content

The new platform offers an enhanced user experience, with searching at the book title and chapter level and the ability to limit search results to owned content. You can also filter search results by subject, publication date and imprints (e.g. Routledge or CRC Press). Owned ebook content displays in search results or browse screens with a green tick icon, and Open Access content displays with a yellow @ symbol, both of these are shown in the screenshot below. (There are currently over 1,300 owned ebooks hosted on Taylor & Francis eBooks, and an additional 30 Open Access titles, these titles span mainly the Arts, Humanities and Social Science subjects, with a few owned titles in Veterinary Sciences, Engineering and other Sciences.)

access T&F ebooks

Downloading and reading online

Plugins are no longer needed to be able to download chapters or whole ebooks as PDFs, or to read books online. *Note: not all books and chapters will be able to be read online but all of our owned ebooks should be available for downloading as PDFs. Below is an example of an entry page for a library-purchased ebook, indicated by the green ‘Full Access’ icon. This title is not available for reading online but is available for downloading, as indicated by the text in the pale blue bar.

book display

The publisher states that IE11 and above, Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome web browsers are all supported and that the site is fully responsive on a mobile phone and tablet. *Note: the online reader should work fully on a PC or tablet devices but some features will not be enabled on a mobile phone.

Redirecting links

As of Tuesday November 7, 2017, permanent redirects have been activated from the old content to the new platform. So the vast majority of the authenticated URLs in our owned ebook records searchable in iDiscover will now lead to the ebook content hosted on the new platform. *Note: there are currently a very small number of Routledge and CRC Press titles which will continue to be hosted on the old platforms, this is for a variety of reasons which are being worked on by the publisher, and in time all of these titles will be migrated on to the new platform. A list of these titles are available on request from the ebooks team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the new platform are available from the publishers website.

If you want to send feedback or report any issues with access to Routledge or CRC Press ebooks hosted on the new Taylor & Francis eBooks platform, then please contact Jayne and Lindsay in the ebooks team, on

*Note: it is anticipated that the Routledge Handbooks Online collection will migrate to the new Taylor & Francis eBooks platform during 2018. It is also planned that the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics will migrate to the new platform, at some future date.