Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages


New eresource: Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages

Access the Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages via this link.

The Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages is an essential new reference work covering all key aspects of European history, society, and culture from 500 to 1500 A.D., as well as the Byzantine Empire, Islamic dynasties, and Asiatic peoples of the era. It is designed both for medievalists, who need a detailed and reliable reference tool, and for students and general readers seeking an accessible guide to the period. Over 800 scholars have assembled thousands of comprehensive entries, lavishly supplemented by hundreds of illustrations and dozens of maps.

Peterhouse, the earliest college of the University of Cambridge. © Andrew Holt/Alamy

Cambridge, University of

The town was a Norman outpost facing the Fens of *East Anglia on a commercially potent site where Roman roads crossed the river Granta (now Cam). The…

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New ebook titles – January 2016

Here is a selection of the titles added to the ebooks@cambridge collection during January. These titles were purchased by, or on behalf of, department and faculty libraries within the University of Cambridge and by the University Library.

Click on the cover image to access the title via our authenticated links.

Gli    History beyond the textSustainable infrastructure    KusamakuraChildren as readers in children's literature  Surface acoustic wave devices and their signal processing applications  New perspectives on the study of ser and estarThe grammar of repetition       Speaking frames  Regionalism and Rebellion in Yemen  Liquid pleasuresstructural holes  Social theory and philosophy for information systems    Markets and Malthus  Phase theory  Developing narrative theoryGenetic variation among influenza viruses  Understanding kidney diseases  British urban policy  Prolonged labour  Latin Palaeography    Moda a Firenze 1540-1580  Passeggiate-nomadi-sul-grande-schermo-di-Andrea-Panzavolta-COVER  Purismo e antipurismo a Napoli nell'Ottocento  Preistoria e protostoria egea e cipriota    Women and property in early modern England  Transport stirrup jars of the Bronze Age Aegean and east MediterraneanSupporting transitions in the early years  Brain function and responsiveness in disorders of consciousness  Talking Haiti   The Cambridge Introduction to Franz Kafka  Materialist film  Children reading picturebooks     Contrastive studies in construction grammar  Minority education in China  Le teorie della luce e della visione ottica dal IX al XV secolo  Tullia d'Aragona, cortigiana e filosofa  Researching Northern English    Questionnaires in second language research  Rate-independent systems

Official Publications Online


New on eresources@cambridge & LibGuides A-Z:  Official Publications Online

Cambridge University Library now makes available the Official Publications Online resource in its entirety, on and off campus, from the Stationery Office (TSO, formerly HMSO).

Official Publications Online includes UK, Scottish, Northern Ireland and Welsh legislation, Command and House papers (including White Papers, Green Papers, Annual reports and accounts, Departmental reports, and the Treaty series), Hansard, Bills of Parliament, votes and proceedings, Select Committee Reports and Public Bill Committee Debates.  In other words, all the official publications you need in one place with no need to search through different websites.  Official Publications Online also offers:

  • PDF availability on the day of publication so that you have instant access
  • Single, comprehensive search engine across all official publications to make it easier to find the information you need
  • Customisable email alerting service and RSS feeds to keep you up to date

You can…

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Librarie Droz databases trial


Trial access is now available for one month from today 12 January to 10 February 2016 to three online collections of texts in the humanities from the publisher Librarie Droz (Click on the title to link to the database):-

Calvin Database

This collection comprises all the texts of works by John Calvin published by the Librairie Droz between 1960 and 2012.

Humanisme et Renaissance

Founded in 1950 by Eugénie Droz, the collection Humanisme et Renaissance includes more than 550 titles. It has grown to become the most important collection in the world of sources and studies on Humanism (Poliziano, Ficino, Erasmus, Bude …), the French Reformation (Lefevre d’ Etaple, Calvin, Farel, Beza …), and the Renaissance (Hieronymus Bosch, Rabelais, Ronsard, Primatice …). It also covers medicine, science, philosophy, the history of the book and all forms of knowledge and human activity in the sixteenth century, from c. 1450 to the…

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The new helpful “LibrarySearch+ sidebar”


In fact the LibrarySearch+ sidebar isn’t totally new as we’ve been experimenting with it and trialling it since late summer 2015.  We are now confident it is working smoothly after some initial queries and so before the year’s through here is a brief description of what it is and how it helps you use LibrarySearch+ to the best advantage.

What is the LibrarySearch+ sidebar? 

It’s a pane that appears on the right of your browser window when linking from certain citations you find in LS+.   In LS+ click the link, e.g. “Full Text Online” below a LS+ citation, and LS+ will open a content page.  The sidebar will appear to the right of the content, e.g. article full text.

Citation & journal information

The sidebar helpfully contains the citation that you read on a LS+ search results page.  Once you’ve clicked on a link on that results page and left…

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Duke University Press ebook collection

All Duke University Press ebooks in the humanities and social sciences are now available to members of the University of Cambridge from the eDuke Books Scholarly Collection platform. Initially this access is thanks to a free trial which runs until the 31st of March 2016, but it is expected that the University Library and ebooks@cambridge will purchase access for at least another 12 months after this date.

Read 200 ebooksRecords for individual titles appear in LibrarySearch and you can search the collection by subject, author or title on the eDuke Books Scholarly Collection platform.

Access to this ebook collection is available both on and off-campus, via the authenticated links in the LibrarySearch records.If accessing from off campus you will be directed to log in with your Raven username and password.

There are currently 2,150 titles available titles, this number will grow as more books are published and added to the site on a monthly basis. New front-list publications are added as they are published, and the available archive collection contains 1,250 titles published between 1964 – 2007.

These ebooks are DRM-free, you can print or read online, or download PDFs by chapter, and they are available for unlimited concurrent users.

Some recently published titles are highlighted below; click on the book covers to access the full text.

sensing sound                   how would you

emergent religious affects     reel world     islam


If you have any comments or questions about this new collection please contact the ebooks@cambridge team by emailing ebooks@lib.cam.ac.uk.

New ebook category in LibrarySearch

Not all ebooks in LibrarySearch can be accessed from off-campus as a new category of ebooks has now been added to the catalogue – non-print legal deposit books.

ebooks in LSA message has been added to LibrarySearch records for non-print legal deposit books to explain that these titles are only available on designated PCs in the University Library and the Affiliated Libraries.

If you open the record there will be a link marked ‘View item’ after the description ‘Online’. This will not link through to full text unless you are using one of the designated PCs within the UL or Affiliated Libraries.

A list of Affiliated Libraries can be found on the Libraries Directory, here.


Any ebook record without the ‘Condition of use’ note will continue to allow members of the University of Cambridge with a valid Raven account access to full text content from off campus. You can check if your Raven login will allow you access to eresources here.

New ebook titles – December 2015

Here is a selection of the titles added to the ebooks@cambridge collection during December. These titles were purchased by, or on behalf of, department and faculty libraries within the University of Cambridge and by the University Library.

Click on the cover image to access the title via our authenticated links.

Visual organization    Included or excludedLearning curves    Aerogels  rethinking synt  Analysis of boolean functions  Pisa unita nelle arti  Caryl ChurchillL'Abbazia di San Salvatore a Settimo  The social media marketing book  DigiMarketing    RebellionCostuming the Shakespearean stage  ABC of sexual health  A mind of her own  The Routledge international handbook of educational effectiveness and improvement    hunger  Silences in NGO discourseThe Cambridge companion to international criminal law  Analogies in international investment law and arbitration    The Cambridge companion to public lawQuestions of jurisdiction and admissibility before international courts  Troubling sex  From text to 'lived' resource  The Routledge international handbook of philosophies and theories of early childhood education and care

Open Book Publishers are “changing the nature of the traditional academic book”

OBP1Open Book Publishers was founded in 2008 by a small group of academics at the University of Cambridge.There are currently 67 published and 18 forthcoming titles spanning subjects including  Anthropology, Archaeology & Religion, Digital Humanities, Economics, Politics & Sociology, Law, Literature & Language, Mathematics, Philosophy, and Women & Gender Studies. To see a full list of published monographs and if you want to find out more about the vision behind OBP, their website is available from here and an interactive electronic version of their Winter 2016 catalogue can be found here. You can click straight into the full-text of the ebook version from within this catalogue.

OBP’s academic monographs are published in hardback, paperback, PDF and ebook editions, and they also include a free online edition that can be read online via the OBP website, and embedded anywhere. OBP titles are free to share and re-use, through Creative Commons licences.

OBP are challenging the standard “reproduced” ebook format by creating interactive ebooks, incorporating moving images, links and sound into the text. Their more traditional titles are complemented with freely available digital resources, including extra chapters, reviews, links and image galleries. These resources can be found alongside the relevant ebook on their website.

To read the ebooks directly from the website click on Read the PDF or Read the HTML buttons on the front page of each book title. To download a PDF, epub or mobi version of a title, just click on the relevant download button, as shown in the sceenshot below.


OBP ebooks can be found in LibrarySearch, and can be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world, no Raven login required.

Cambridge University Library is a member of the OBP Library Members Scheme.

musicology   conservation   Quechan  

cultural       oral       advanced       digital


New ebook titles – November 2015

Here is a selection of the titles added to the ebooks@cambridge collection during November. These titles were purchased by, or on behalf of, department and faculty libraries within the University of Cambridge and by the University Library.

Click on the cover image to access the title via our authenticated links.

  Dr Seuss  ASEAN economicPolitical economy of educational  From treaty-making     ASEAN as an actor  Advaeniat regnumASEAN's external  dell'antico al moderno  Transparency in international invetsment  co-operation learning  nine degrees  downcast eyes      Moliere the theoryeveryday life  Women of the Ren  Strangers here   Counselling in transcultural  re-visioning historical  Graffitti in antiquity  psycholinguistic and scoiolinguistic  new directions in 21st  contested illnesses  investment valuation  anna morandi   psychotherapy research  Hepple  Silent god  Social innovation  Value proposition  WTO accessions    9781119070481.pdf  principles of project  Kontexte der vernunft  input-output  critical introductionIl falso e il vero verde Le Ore 1960-1964    Handbook of writing research (2nd ed)  global intellectual  What is enlightenment  compact city  sociable cities  Mill's the subjection of women  Global change in the holocene  Victorian legacy